14 September 2005

Michael F. Wallner

This Limestone carved statue of a fallen soldier of The Great War or WWI if you wish, is located in the same resting place as that of my Father in Bedford Indiana. This haunting reminder of death from a bygone era, has always been one of the many focale points in this particular cemetary that has so many carved tombstones from the local Limestone and most done by the master carvers from the area, one of them being Frank Areana.

My Father is buried some thirty yards from Michael Wallner's grave. Funny, when I am there visiting my dad's grave, whether it be by myself or with family or taking my Mother to add or remove flowers, I have the damnest time keeping my eyes off of this statue. Double click on the picture or copy it to your photo shop on your PC and read the inscription of the horror this young man went through in the many different theaters and how he lay in hospitals wounded in July 1918 until his death in 1940, just before another bloodbath of war.


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